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  • 15 September 2022

  • Thomas Stone

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SILVERSMITH (Solving Intelligent LV – Evaluating Responsive Smart Management to Increase Total Headroom) Project 


Client need

SILVERSMITH is an NIA project EA Technology are delivering for National Grid Distribution, the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for the East and West Midlands, South Wales and South West England.  

The SILVERSMITH project aims to identify technologies that will maximise usage of the existing LV network under the forecasted growth of LCTs (low carbon technologies) connected to the LV network. This will minimise needs for extensive network reinforcement and also minimise costs to consumers.

Our approach

SILVERSMITH consists of a literature review of existing technologies, combined with a Request for Information aimed at technology providers. This will be followed by two distinct methodologies to assess the potential effectiveness of the new technologies in managing LV network constraints.  

EA Technology will utilise the Transform Model® to perform a Cost Benefit Analysis for National Grid Distribution’s four license areas. Firstly, Transform will be used to perform a counterfactual analysis with technologies widely used on the network in 2022. This will be compared against a Transform study performed with the addition of technologies identified by the literature review and Request for Information process. This will allow identification of technologies which have the potential to extract the best value from the existing LV network. Additionally, it will allow identification of any gaps in the market where solutions do not yet exist, but which may exist in the future with sufficient investment in the appropriate technology.   

In addition to the Transform study, EA Technology will conduct a load flow analysis using DIGSILENT on representative feeders. Again, a comparison will be made between the technologies deployed when considering existing technologies only, against existing plus new technologies. Using a second method to assess which technologies get deployed will allow National Grid Distribution to compare results, giving confidence in results where solutions are selected by both methodologies.  


EA Technology have extensive experience in utilising a wide range of tools to perform analysis of electricity networks. EA Technologies have experts in parametric (Transform) and load flow (DIGSILENT) modelling, ensuring that both methodologies can be conducted by a single consultancy. EA Technology will utilise different teams to ensure independence between the two methodologies. We will produce an integrated report to bring together and compare the findings from the two approaches used in this project.  

Why this is relevant to your project

While the results from this project will be directly applicable to National Grid Distribution’s license areas, EA Technology’s analysis can be extended to other GB license areas and indeed further afield.

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Thomas Stone
Consultant, Net Zero Transition