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Offline Cable PD Mapping & Condition Assessment

Non-destructive Partial Discharge (PD) site testing of HV/MV cables measures and reports on the health of all cables up to 66kV.

Business benefits

  • Fast and accurate site service
  • Works with paper and polymer insulated cables
  • Reduces the need for expensive excavation work
  • Ideal for pre-commissioning and post-repair tests
  • Locates partial discharge activity in cables before it leads to failures
  • Reduces the risk of unplanned, expensive outages

Non-destructive VLF testing

The Cable Partial Discharge Mapping Service™ works on the principle of energising HV/MV cables at Very Low Frequency (VLF), making the system very portable and requiring only a 13amp 230V supply. Time-of-flight measurements are used to calculate cable length, then all captured data is processed using EA Technology’s bespoke software. The software calculates the location and magnitude of recorded PD waveforms.

Our system is safe, non-destructive and has a 15 year track record of success, from the UK to the Far East.

David Russell
UltraTEV Product Manager

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