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This self-testing kit comprises of two parts – a Polarity Test Pen™ plus a Test Pen Checker™, which automatically confirms that the pen is working correctly by simulating the electrical field produced by a live conductor. It is designed to give electrical engineers total confidence when looking for live conductors, particularly in bundles of cables and crowded enclosures.

The Polarity Test Pen is calibrated so its light and buzzer will only activate when the tip of the instrument is within 3mm of the live core of a standard conductor

It can therefore discriminate between individual live and non-live conductors and does not need current flow in the live conductor.


  • Discriminates between live and non-live conductors – even in bundles of cables
  • More accurate than other standard conductor testers
  • Self-testing function ensures correct function and operator safety
  • Self-powered, portable and easy to use
  • Considered to be essential to operator safety

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