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VisNet ConnectLite

VisNet ConnectLite: Your Personalised Connection Estimation Tool

VisNet ConnectLite has been in live for more than three years and serves over15 million connected customers across 275,000 distribution substations. This new connection budget estimation tool provides customers with a tailored price for their connection, based on their specific requirements, location, and the available capacity in the network.

A version of VisNet ConnectLite is also live for HV (11 kV) networks, serving 3.5 million customers.

Features and Benefits

VisNet ConnectLite includes standard features for LV connection design including:

  • Connection cost budget estimator
  • Network capacity assessment
  • Red / amber / green (RAG) network capacity visibility
  • Map canvas background
  • Manual connection drawing tools
  • Bill of materials (BoM) generation
  • Step by step customer guidance
  • Customer connection type interview (optional)
VisNet Connect
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