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IAM Certificate in Asset Management

This five-day course is designed to give you the knowledge and understanding of asset management and discusses the core concepts and practical applications in a highly interactive manner.

This course is suitable for those with some experience of asset management (some specific maintenance experience, but little knowledge of the wider context, such as business strategy, risk management or life cycle costing).

Public and private organisations invest vast sums of money in assets. These could be related to infrastructure, utilities, buildings and machinery in sectors such as oil, gas, chemical, utilities, engineering, transport and manufacturing. If you work your assets too much they may fail and incur expensive repair and loss of product/service costs. If your asset is underutilised then capital is tied up unnecessarily.

Asset management is not just about maintenance and keeping downtime to a minimum, it is about optimising the performance and minimising the cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle of the asset. This qualification recognises individual asset management knowledge and understanding and certifies your understanding of the fundamental principles.

Agenda Session 1-5

Session 1 – Welcome and Introduction

  •  EA Technology 
  •  Course trainers
  •  Housekeeping and infrastructure test
  •  Initial assessment

Session 2 – What is Asset Management?

  •  The premise behind asset management
  •  Overview of asset management systems
  •  Asset management myth-busting
  •  Asset management conceptual model
  •  The asset management challenge
  •  The benefits of implementing asset management

Session 3 – Asset Management Principles

  •  Asset management documentation structures
  •  Asset management policy, strategy & plans
  •  Worked example: Capenhurst Construction
  •  Alignment in asset management
  •  Asset management scope
  •  Stakeholders
  • The role of the asset manager

Session 4 – Asset Management Decision Making

  •  Capital investment decision making
  •  How electrical utilities approach investment
  •  The concept behind health indices
  •  The quantification of asset risk
  •  Asset criticality
  •  Risk matrices

Session 5 – Asset Management Decision Making Continued

  •  Asset operation
  •  Potential approaches to asset maintenance
  •  Established maintenance techniques
  •  Worked example – RCM
  •  Total cost of ownership
  •  Resourcing strategies
  •  Dealing with obsolescence
  •  Outages and shutdowns
  •  Case study: Transformer Tapchanger
Agenda session 5-10


Course duration 4 with optional 5th day for exam

Course Location Capenhurst, Chester

EA Technology are accredited members of the CPD certification service. This course counts towards your planned CPD requirements.
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