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Cable Joints, Terminations and Accessories

This course will provide a history of the development of cable accessories, review standards and type testing.

By ensuring that delegates are conversant with the full range of joints, accessories and terminations in use today, we aim to provide a comprehensive update on the latest in cable accessories up to and including 33kV. The course comprehensively covers joints, terminations and accessories for XLPE cable.

Consideration is given to the design features of mechanical connectors, elastomeric insulation systems, resin systems, heat and cold shrink technology and their applications. The course concludes with an examination of failures of cable joints, terminations and accessories. The speakers have been selected for their industrial experience and expertise within the cables field to give insight into this fascinating subject area.


Day one

Introduction to Cables and Accessories

  • Review of LV and MV cables
  • Appreciation of Cable Accessories
  • Cable Preparation

Connectors and Lugs

  • Variety and importance of connectors and lugs in power cable accessories

Accessory Standards

  • Rules for design and performance of cable accessories
  • Types of cable accessory standards
  • Benefits and limitations


  • Earthing of single core cables

LV Joints and Terminations

  • Various types of accessories in use by UK utilities and industry
  • Supply and installations

Stress Control

  • Electric stress control
  • Areas of terminations
  • Areas of joints

Day two

Medium Voltage Terminations

  • Types of termination
  • Critical components in a termination

Screened Separable Connectors

  • Applications Medium Voltage Joints
  • Various types of accessories in use by UK utilities and industry

Termination Failure Mechanisms

  • Considerations of poor installation, poor materials, environment

Joint Failure Mechanisms

  • Cable vs joints and terminations
  • Examples and causes of early life failure

Prevention of Failures

  • Maximising the reliability of cable accessories
  • A manufacturers guide to good practice

Appraising Accessories

  • International and national standards
  • Type testing terminations to HD 629
  • Type testing joints to HD 629
  • Relevance of type tests to practical service

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Course duration 2 Days

Course Location Capenhurst, Chester

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