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Cables for Power Systems: Part Two

Expert design and specification of HV cable systems is essential to reduce costs, maximise performance and deliver the best return on investment throughout the asset lifecycle.

This course is designed to give you that expertise, using example circuits to illustrate best practice in cable system engineering across a range of issues.

Over three days, the course will take you through every step of the cable engineering process, from initial planning through to the preparation of detailed technical and commercial specifications for the tender, manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of your cable system. The course also covers the management of existing cable assets in terms of condition assessment, life estimation, repair and diversions.


Day one

Cable Principles and Physics

  • Cable principles and physics
  • Stresses and forces in cables

Land Cable Types

  • Types of cable system
  • Joints and terminations

Land Cable Installation

  • Installation arrangements
  • Cable laying methods

Cable Rating

  • General basis for ratings
  • Factors that affect the ratings

Day two

Cable Section Lengths and Bonding

  • Cable lengths and suitable joint positions
  • Bonding
  • SVL solutions
  • Course exercise

Cable Manufacture Video Short Circuit Testing – Cables and Accessories

  • Adiabatic and non-adiabatic short circuit ratings
  • Short circuit testing (BS 6622 screen adherence test)
  • Short circuit spiking tests
  • Spiking test video

Cable Jointing, Testing & Safety

  • Cable commissioning
  • Induced voltages

AC or DC, Land or Subsea Connections

  • Selection criteria
  • DC system types

Day three

Subsea Cable Types

  • AC subsea cables
  • DC subsea cables
  • Joints and terminations

Subsea Cable Installation

  • System installation
  • Cable system protection methods
  • Preventative maintenance

Subsea Cable Ratings

  • Shore landing
  • J Tube rating
  • Armour losses

Temperature Sensing and Dynamic Rating

  • Temperature sensing methods
  • Land and subsea cable ratings

Asset Management

  • Predictive assessment of cable system life


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Course duration 3 Days

Course Location Capenhurst, Chester

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