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Power Quality and Harmonics

A two-day power quality course that explains the Engineering Recommendations associated with power quality, and demonstrates their application through worked examples and case studies.

This practical course will take you step by step through the Engineering Recommendation G5/5 on harmonics, explaining the background to the recommendation and the relevance of British and International standards to modern power networks.

The course will take you through the theory behind various types of disturbance on power networks, including the concept of electromagnetic compatibility, the causes and effects of harmonics, voltage fluctuations and flicker, and the effects of variable speed drives, UPS and switched mode power supplies.

You will then get the opportunity to test your understanding of G5/5 by working through a number of worked examples. Finally the workshop course will discuss power quality measurements and how the results can be interpreted, as well as the kind of power quality mitigation and conditioning techniques that you can apply.


Day one

Introduction to Power Quality

Power Quality Standards

  • IEC 61000 series
  • BS EN 50160
  • ER G5/5
  • ER P28 Issue 2
  • P29

Harmonics Theory

  • Harmonic distortion
  • Loads that generate harmonics
  • Effects of harmonics

ER G5/5

  • Purpose of G5/5
  • Features of G5/5

Worked Examples

Day two

Power Quality Surveys

  • What to measure
  • Where to measure
  • Analysing the data

Harmonic Measurement and Standards

  • Measurement standards
  • VT’s and CT’s
  • Instruments

Solutions to Harmonic Distortion

  • Filters
  • Isolating transformers


  • ER P29
  • Causes of unbalance

Voltage Fluctuations

  • What is flicker?
  • ER P28 Issue 2
  • Evaluation of flicker level

Worked Example

Programme may be subject to amendment

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Course duration 2 Days

Course Location Capenhurst, Chester

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