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Understanding Lightning Protection

Lightning can have a devastating effect on power supply assets, damaging buildings, power structures, communications and other essential equipment – yet this damage can be easily, and cost-effectively, avoided.

EA Technology is a world leader in lightning risk assessment, protection and earthing systems, and this course is designed to share that knowledge and expertise, to help you avoid the costly and potentially catastrophic consequences of a lightning strike.

The course covers everything from the basics of lightning and its effects, to the use of risk assessment in the formulation of protection strategies. It will not only provide you with a clear understanding of the threat from lightning and the protection options available, but also introduce you to the economics involved in protection system selection.


Day one

Lightning – the basics

  • How is lightning generated?
  • Where will it strike?
  • How much will we get?
  • Positive and negative lightning
  • Direct and indirect strikes
  • Working it all out!
  • Effects on structures, OHLs and communications

Lightning Location

  • How lightning is located in the UK
  • Uses of historical lightning data
  • Lightning location service
  • Lightning data base
  • Assessment for lightning protection

Working out the risk

  • How EN62305-2 differs from BS6651
  • The assessment and treatment of risk
  • Using historical data

Protection Strategies

  • The new ETR 134
  • Basic substation protection
  • How cables affect lightning surges
  • Transformer protection
  • Surge arrester use and positioning
  • Protecting OHL/cable junctions
  • Protecting personnel

Day two

LV Surge Protection

  • Statistics
  • Equipment withstand
  • Characteristics of SPDs
  • Selection rules of SPDs
  • Application of SPDs Building lightning protection

Building Equipment Protection

  • How to protect a building
  • Lightning protection system components
  • Installation rules

Earthing and Facility Protection

  • Lightning earthing
  • High frequency earthing measurements
  • How to protect a facility
  • Examples of existing plants
  • Applications

Lightning Protection Workshop

  • Case study of EA Technology building
  • Case study – substation protection
  • Software evaluation of protection of an office block
  • Delegates are requested to indicate topics of their interest prior to the course

Economics and Future Trends

  • Surge arrester developments
  • Climate change
  • Economic considerations

Programme may be subject to amendment

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Course duration 2 Days

Course Location Capenhurst, Chester

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