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Transformers and Switchgear Technology for Power Systems

Transformers and Switchgear technology has developed enormously in recent years and power distribution network engineers are encountering problems and choices today that are vastly different from those of just a few years ago.

This course is designed to give both experienced and newly qualified engineers a comprehensive overview of the role of transformers and an essential update on the latest switchgear technology to improve decision making for safe operation, maintenance and renewal.

The course covers a range of technical options and develops an understanding of switching phenomena essential for reliable system operation. The technology update will also give you an insight into future techniques and technology, by exploring new practices being developed to enhance system reliability.

This course can be enhanced by attending our one-day Oil Diagnostics and Analysis course.


Day one

Basic Transformer Design

  • Ratings, classes of equipment, cooling systems, terminations, noise enclosures, tapchangers and standards

Specifications and Purchasing

  • Company specifications, losses/loss, capitalisation, manufacturers assessment, commercial, procurement, manufacturing and acceptance testing

Delivery, Installations, Commissioning and Operation

  • Site activities.

Maintenance and Oil Sample Analysis

  • Transformer and tapchanger maintenance
  • Oil sample analysis

Transformer and Tapchanger

  • Physical inspection and operation

Condition Monitoring, Health Indices and Failures

  • Diagnostic and condition assessment
  • Health Indices
  • Remedial measures, refurbishment and life extensions
  • Failures and repairs - case studies

Day two

Introduction to Switchgear

  • Types of switchgear, basic functions; components

Standards and Procurement

  • Switchgear standards and specifications
  • Assessment and procurement issues

Switching Phenomena and Arc Extinguishing Methods

  • Arc interruption theory
  • Air, Oil SF6, Vacuum

Switchgear Mechanisms

  • Types of operating mechanisms
  • Testing

View Examples of Switchgear

Switchgear Design Issues

  • Design features and vacuum integrity
  • Contact geometry and materials
  • Switchgear design

Auto Reclosing and Network Automation

  • Auto reclose methodology
  • Types of auto-recloser
  • Remote operating capability

Switchgear Environment

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Auxiliary Components

Day three

Installation and Commissioning

  • Sequence
  • Testing
  • Walked through example

Failure Mechanisms and Analysis

  • Procedures and techniques in failure analysis
  • Causes of failure
  • Decisions following analysis
  • Case studies

Case Studies


  • Maintenance standards and policy
  • Maintenance requirements

Condition Assessment of Switchgear

  • Asset Management
  • Condition assessment
  • Asset life cycle
  • Condition monitoring
  • Health index

Technology Updates

  • Future for gas filled switchgear
  • Circuit breaker monitoring
  • Current and voltage sensors
  • Point on wave switching
  • Automation

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Course duration 3 Days

Course Location Capenhurst, Chester

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