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Transformers for Power Systems

This two-day course is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the role of transformers in power systems, including a review of basic transformer theory, how to specify transformers, transformer asset management and failure risk reduction. It will also give you a comprehensive update on the latest in transformer design and developments.

The course gives you excellent access to industry leaders in transformer design and management who will provide expert insight into oil and alternative mediums in transformers, protection, tapchangers, failures and condition monitoring.

This course can be supplemented with an optional one-day follow on Oil Diagnostics and Analysis course.


Day one

Basic Transformer Theory: Part 1

  • Principles of design
  • Main classes of equipment
  • Rating principles

Protection for Power Transformers

  • Abnormal conditions
  • Main and back-up protection
  • Protection applications


  • Commercial terms
  • Standards
  • Specifications


  • Principle of operation
  • Development of designs
  • Maintenance and service experience

Transformer Moisture Management

  • Insulation deterioration
  • Vapour phase dry-out
  • On-line dry-out

Day two

Basic Transformer Theory: Part 2

  • Test methods
  • Commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair
  • Standards

Failures and Condition Monitoring of Power Transformers

  • Reliability
  • Failure modes
  • Conclusions

Failures and Condition Monitoring of Power Transformers: Case Study

Transformer Oil and Tour of Laboratory

Condition Based Management of Transformers

  • The application of diagnostic test regimes
  • Practical asset management strategies
  • Opportunities for life extension

Programme may be subject to amendment

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Course duration 2 Days

Course Location Capenhurst, Chester

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