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Recorded Webinar | How to Avoid HV Failure with Permanent PD Monitoring

  • 01 December 2022

  • Brad Monaghan


High voltage electrical failures can be detrimental and often result in significant losses:

  • Severe damages to assets and hefty repair costs
  • Injury or trauma to operators working on-site or the general public
  • Loss of revenue

The good news is, the build-up leading to these failures often happen over time and can be predicted early. Most notably, partial discharge (PD) activity can deteriorate HV insulation and this activity can be detected and monitored over time. This allows asset operators to conduct planned maintenance in advance to remove known PD sources, and receive indication of any new PD sources that have occurred without warning.

In this webinar, our power engineering experts Brad Monaghan and Thomas Whyte will be sharing their experience from the field and how they use permanent PD monitoring to predict and prevent high voltage failures.

Topics covered:

➨ Condition monitoring of high voltage assets

➨ Types of PD and how to detect them

➨ Preventing asset failures through permanent PD monitoring

➨ Real-life case studies on defects and intervention strategies


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