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Recorded Webinar | Distribution Networks Smoothing the Road Ahead for Increased DER Connections

  • 25 March 2022

  • Mark Sprawson


To achieve transport decarbonisation goals, a large number of connection points will have to be provided to the grid. Some of these can be at large hubs, but a significant number will be connected at a domestic level to the low voltage (LV) network.

These LV networks have finite capacity and when exceeded, their life expectancy reduces dramatically. Hence, without regular intervention, LV networks are at risk of long-term damage, disruption and incurring a high investment cost. To ensure that you get the most out of your LV networks, these 2 actions are becoming a necessity:

➨ Modelling to show where capacity exists

 Monitoring to examine the movement of demand on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

The key to establishing an effective LV network management framework is to present the complex engineering behind it in a simple, intuitive format for users to understand and use. Our Director of Consultancy Insights Mark Sprawson, conducted a webinar locally, in Australia, to share how UK distribution network operators (DNOs) have achieved this.

Topics Include:

➨ LV Network Modelling:

  • Identify network constraints, analyse scenarios based on changing customer profiles and new connections

➨ LV Network Data Sharing with Customers:

  • Allow customers to self-serve connection requests

➨ Real-Life Case Studies:

  • Live systems that allow customers to share information and interact with DNOs

➨ Q&A Session:

  • Ask any network transformation questions you may have

If you work with LV network design, monitoring or transformation, this webinar is for you.