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Recorded Webinar | PD Data Analysis - How to Interpret PRPD Patterns

  • 25 March 2022

  • Brad Monaghan


Partial discharge testing results in a whole batch of PD data, waiting to be analysed. How can you best break down this data and make the most sense out of it?

This webinar provides a full walkthrough of PD data interpretation. We’ll discuss the different types of PD data and show how useful insights can be derived to direct maintenance strategies.

Join EA Technology Australia's Head of Technical Services Brad Monaghan and Engineer Thomas Whyte as they share tricks of the trade from over a decade of working with field data.

Topics Include:

➨ How is a Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) Pattern Created?

➨ Importance of Phase-Locking

➨ Data Analysis and Interpretation: PRPD Patterns

➨ Real-Life Case Study

If your work involves PD testing and data analysis, this webinar is for you.