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Recorded Webinar | PRPD Data Analysis Master Class

  • 07 May 2023

  • EA Technology


Ever had trouble interpreting PRPD plots?

Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) plots obtained during PD testing on the field can get complex, confusing and hard to diagnose.

This webinar looks at the trickier and more complicated PRPD data and how to use it to pinpoint PD activity. If you have faced difficulties during data analysis, this webinar will unravel the knots and provide useful pointers to help you break down a variety of data types. Watch now and make diagnosing PRPD patterns a problem of the past...

Topics covered:

  • Overview of PRPD patterns
  • Importance of phase-locking and how to properly use a phase-lock
  • Guide to analysing complex PRPD data + real-life case studies
  • PD data management

To learn more about the instrument we use to accurately capture PRPD plots, click here.