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Recorded Webinar | The Treasure Map for EV Charging: Project Charge

  • 19 July 2023

  • Yogendra Vashishtha


Global electric car markets are seeing exponential growth as sales exceeded 10 million in 2022. This is expected to continue strongly throughout 2023 following an expected 35% year-on-year growth.

As EVs become more commonly seen on the roads, the need to reinforce our existing power networks to accommodate the new demands arises.

EA Technology is actively involved in Project Charge, a UK network innovation competition project that brings together transport and energy planning. It accelerates the deployment of public EV charging by creating a ‘treasure map’ that guides the installation of infrastructure.

This recorded webinar explores learnings from Project Charge and how they can be applied to energy networks in Australia and New Zealand.

Topics covered:

  • Current trends and challenges faced when implementing EV charging infrastructure
  • Overview of Project Charge: Benefits and outcomes
  • Demonstration of an online tool: Visualise network capacity and project EV demand from 2025 – 2050
  • How learnings from Project Charge add value to networks in Australia and New Zealand

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