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Blog: VisNet® Hub - Frequently Asked Questions

  • 11 March 2021

  • EA Technology

Low Voltage

In this article, we answer the most common questions about VisNet® Hub: the real-time monitoring device that operates in low voltage distribution substations to provide insight into substation efficiency and optimisation.

How complicated is the VisNet® Hub to install?

Providing you can answer these simple questions, installation is easy:

  • Where will the VisNet be mounted?
  • Where will you pick up your voltage references from?
  • Where will you connect the current sensors?

How long does it typically take to install a VisNet® Hub in a substation?

This is a quick task – on average, it takes <30mins due to the ease of installation.    

Can the VisNet® Hub be installed at outdoor substations ie. is it weatherproof?

Yes, it can be installed outdoors.

Does EA Technology offer training in how to install the VisNet® Hub and how to use the LV-CAP platform?

Yes, familiarisation and installation training can be provided which includes an overview of the LV-CAP platform and User Interface.

Is it difficult to understand the data the VisNet® Hub produces?

Providing you understand simple volts and amps, it is not difficult to understand the data produced.  To help with this, we also provide a User Interface to make better use of the data. It includes alarms, events, geographical location, waveforms and many more features.

Are there any restrictions on how many people can access the LV-CAPTM platform?

There are no restrictions on how many people can access the LV-CAP platform. The platform resides on the VisNet Hub and provides data to the cloud, from where it can be accessed via the User Interface.

Can downloadable reports be produced via the LV-CAPTM platform?

No, the reports are accessed via the User Interface.

How easy is it to how see how individual distribution substations are performing once VisNet® Hub is installed?

As soon as the VisNet unit is installed, it immediately starts to provide data to the cloud. Utilising the User Interface will provide the necessary performance data in terms of alarms, events, load profiles, fuse operations etc. 

Can VisNet® Hub flag underperforming substations even when there aren’t any specific critical alerts?

The simple answer is yes. The VisNet Hub uses a series of applications (apps) that reside on the LV-CAP platform. If there is a particular situation that needs to be monitored which does not form part of a critical alarm, it is possible to build a series of bespoke apps to address the particular need.

Is there a minimum number of VisNet® Hubs to order/install? Are there economies of scale the more you order?

There is no minimum order quantity and we would encourage customers to buy one or two units to see for themselves the benefits that using the VisNet Hub will bring.

Yes, there are economies of scale to be accessed the more you order.

Is there a limit on the number of people who can receive text and email notifications when there’s an alert from VisNet® Hub regarding a network issue?

No, within reason.

Is there an extra cost to get help from the EA Technology Customer Service Centre, or is this included in the cost of the VisNet® Hub?

EA Technology provides a service desk support function as part of the annual licence/maintenance subscription.

Does the VisNet® Hub need to be serviced at all? How will I know if it’s malfunctioning?

The VisNet Hub will not need to be serviced. The Hub runs a suite of self-diagnostic tools to make sure the unit is functioning correctly. In addition, the signal strength and flow of data is monitored 24 hours a day.

Is access to the  LV-CAPTM platform an additional cost or included in the price?

No, the LV-CAP™ platform comes complete with the VisNet Hub.

What is the life time of the VisNet® Hub?

The life time of the VisNet hub is between 15 and 20 years.