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The Transform Model

  • 20 July 2023

  • EA Technology


The Transform Model is EA Technology's technoeconomic modelling tool for electricity networks.

The model determines the best investments for network operators to ensure that their grid can sufficiently meet future demands of the network, in the most cost-effective way possible - looking at every year from now until 2050.

To build a model of such scale, it is incredibly complex and requires a high level of technical expertise, industry knowledge, innovation and excellent project management.

With the Transform Model, customers were able to successfully:

  • Provide evidence for network investment plans during regulatory submissions
  • Assess the cost-benefit of new smart grid and non-network solutions
  • Test and plan for the impacts of new policies and incentives

‟The modelling is extremely rigorous and takes into account a broad range of factors, including the mitigating impact of battery storage in absorbing some solar during the middle of the day, as well as the impact of local inverter Volt-VAr response, and the potential impact of tariff changes in shifting loads.”

Bryn Williams

SA Power Networks

‟Enables smart and conventional distribution network solutions to be modelled side by side, and the best value options selected.”

Ofgem and DECC Forum

The Second Annual Report

The transform model, a technoeconomic modelling tool for electricity networks.



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