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Webinar: Achieving LV Visibility and Network Intelligence

  • 09 November 2020

  • Martin Hunt



The electricity industry is rapidly transitioning from a centralised system where power flows in one direction, to a de-centralised system where energy is generated at both ends. This has been driven by advancements and efficiencies in low carbon technologies (LCT) such as solar PV, energy storage and the growing use of electric vehicles (EV). Traditional consumption behaviours are changing, and traditional operation techniques are no longer the most effective and efficient.

Increased DER means a less predictable LV network. LV networks are now experiencing bi-directional power flows causing regular voltage excursions, phase imbalances, volatile load profiles and protection issues. Safety is the number one priority for network operators and innovative solutions are required to maintain and improve network safety in the face of these new challenges.

To actively and effectively manage these emerging issues, LV visibility is a key enabler.

LV monitoring has traditionally not been required due to the one-way flow of electricity, making LV load flows and voltage profiles predictable through modelling. The large number of nodes required for LV network monitoring, compared with HV network monitoring, poses a financing issue.

However, this is changing due to market pressures and leaps in technology. In this OnDemand webinar. EA Technology experts will cover:

• How the electricity system is changing and the impact on LV networks
• Why LV monitoring is a must-have to transition from a passive to active network and unlock the full potential of DER
• What LV visibility can enable: now and into the future
• LV visibility options to make the network safer, smarter and more reliable.
• Opportunities for proactively managing LV networks
• Using VisNet® Hub for real-time LV monitoring including daily LV feeder voltage profiles across all phases
• Why the cost of doing nothing outweighs the cost of smart LV monitoring solutions, especially those that enable future flexibility


Martin Hunt
Head of Asset Management Consultancy