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The Role of Partial Discharge Monitoring

Failure of your high-voltage switchgear and cables could cost millions in repairs, replacements and fines. But most failures don’t happen in a flash – they can be predicted from warning signs, most notably partial discharge.

By keeping a close watch on your switchgear and cables around the clock, EA Technology’s Astute HV Monitoring can alert you to suspicious activity and pinpoint partial discharge issues in your HV system that should be investigated.

Astute HV Monitoring®: Your Comprehensive Partial Discharge Monitoring System for Switchgear and Cables

Why Astute?

Serving some of the largest electricity and utility companies across Australia and globally, Astute HV Monitoring is the leading solution for asset managers and operators.

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Award-winning technology: EA Technology is the pioneer of partial discharge monitoring solutions and won the prestigious Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Innovation Award in 2018 for the development of Astute HV Monitoring.

Gain full control over your HV system: Harness data insights from Astute HV Monitoring to locate and assess the magnitude of PD issues and faults. Make informed decisions around repair work – be it undertaking repairs during the next routine maintenance, insolating parts of the HV system or organising a complete emergency shut down. Take charge of your asset condition and faults.

Expert technical support and guidance: Our technical team is there to provide support at every step of the journey. Together, interpret data insights, uncover the root of asset failures and devise effective mitigation strategies.

Simple installation with no downtime: Our monitoring devices effortlessly fit inside switchgear boxes or clip around existing cables, ensuring a smooth setup without interrupting operations.

Regular reporting on monitoring insights: From automated alerts to weekly and monthly reporting, we provide performance updates at your preferred frequency. Spot trends, irregularities and most importantly, early signs of asset deterioration.


‟Monitoring pays for itself”

Did you know a single catastrophic outage can cost more than several years’ worth of monitoring? By flagging issues early and planning for repairs ahead of time, you can save the costs of:

  • Downtime and lost productivity
  • Replacement of damaged switchgear and other components
  • Outage fines (especially in public power supply)
  • Unplanned labour
  • Reputation damage

Astute HV Monitoring isn’t just an option, it’s essential due diligence. Learn how it can be implemented for your HV assets to save costs. Get in touch with our engineering specialists today!

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