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Ensuring Reliable Switchgear Performance with Circuit Breaker Testing

Circuit Breaker Testing

Circuit Breaker Testing (also known as ‘Trip Profiling’) is used to test both the performance of individual switching mechanisms and the timing of the overall tripping system.

It is essential in ensuring the safety and reliability of the circuit breaker, a key link in the power asset chain.

  • Quick and easy to perform on-site
  • Circuits can be tested on or offload
  • Tests performance of whole tripping cycle
  • Tests overall timing of the tripping system
  • Identifies need for maintenance

Circuit breakers perform a vital role in protecting expensive equipment from damage through faults. Testing the performance of your circuit breakers regularly is, therefore, an essential and cost-effective part of any maintenance strategy.


EA Technology’s Circuit Breaker Testing service consists of two tests to assess the condition and performance of the tripping system:

Circuit Breaker Trip Test

By analysing the current consumed by the trip coil during the circuit breaker’s operation, it is possible to determine whether there are mechanical or electrical issues present. In many cases, such issues can be localised to aid in finding the root cause. Optionally, monitoring the tripping supply’s voltage during the operation can detect issues arising with tripping batteries.

Secondary Injection of Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relays

Proper coordination of the protection schemes on a network is essential to minimise the disruption caused by a fault. Secondary injection testing ensures that protection relays operate as intended.


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