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Online Training: Measuring PD

A one-day course from the pioneers of Partial Discharge (PD) technology, covering PD theory, PD detection instruments and PD measuring techniques.

Detecting and measuring Partial Discharge activity gives a unique insight into the condition of MV and HV assets without the need for expensive shut downs or invasive testing.

EA Technology pioneered PD theory and has developed an award-winning range of PD detection instruments and condition assessment techniques that help you achieve greater network reliability and prolong asset life, while at the same time greatly enhancing operator safety.

This one-day course will introduce you to PD theory, detection instruments, measuring techniques and data analysis. Join us and you'll be on your way to becoming a PD expert!


‟Very practical overview of a subjective subject.”

Dave Young

Senior Electrical Engineer, CSBP

‟Trainer had fantastic knowledge and was clearly passionate about the subject, explained the use of the equipment well thanks again.”

Steven Burnie

Linesman, Power and Water Corporation

‟The course was thorough and comprehensive.”

Alf Van Rensburg

Senior Electrical Engineer, Mount Isa Mines

‟I didn't really know much about partial discharge, this has been an eye opener for me. The different sounds when testing was amazing. I would've regarded all the sounds as partial discharge had it not been for this training. So grateful to have attended. Thank you.”

Patricia Olen

PLC Technical Officer, Ok Tedi Mining

‟I've been doing PD scans for many years and with EA Technology's training, I'm able to understand the important 'How To's of PD scanning and the proper way around interpretation of results.”

Kalpeshkumar Patel

HV Field Engineer, Vestas

‟Great presentation! Good knowledge and practical content that supports the training.”

Alnoor Malek

Test & Commissioning Technician, AB Tech Services

‟Enjoyed the course and learnt some valuable information.”

Anthony Elgey

Electrical Project Manager, Ok Tedi Mining

‟Great training. Well knowledgeable training with real life examples. Learnt a lot and answered heaps. Thanks again!”

Justin Clarke

E&I Tech, Origin

‟Brad is very knowledgeable and presented the materials well. I would recommend to anyone who is responsible for the maintenance of HV equipment. ”

Matthew O'Reilly

E&I Engineering Lead, Ampol

‟Simply worth it!”

Abdallah Abedel-Qader

Engineering & Commissioning Manager, Elecnor Australia

‟Great course. Wish we had done the course before we started trying to perform PD surveys.”

Daniel Harris

Electrician, Liberty GFG

‟Brad presented a very informative and captivating session.”

Mick Doherty

High Voltage Technician, Santos

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Course duration 1 Day

Bulk discount: $700pp when you sign up as a group of 3 or more.

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