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Outperform your Business Plan with the ALVIN Reclose™

ALVIN Reclose™ meets the immediate needs of Network Operators to improve customer service on ageing, low voltage networks, while providing the foundation for future automation and communication schemes. EA Technology’s ALVIN Reclose™ is the most advanced, compact, cost-effective solution available on the market enabling intelligent automation and fault restoration on low voltage networks.

Business Benefits

  • Ability to identify and ‘self-clear’ multiple transients and overload faults so reducing engineering costs and delivering improved customer service
  • Simple, retrofit installation with no hidden ‘start up’ costs means the low-cost ALVIN Reclose™ offers excellent cost/benefits justification.
  • Flexible features give businesses exactly what they need now.  The device is the foundation building block of a range of low-cost add-on devices and services, making it ‘future-adaptable’
  • ALVIN Reclose™ uses the latest technologies, ensuring the safety of employees and customers
  • The ALVIN Reclose™ device allows for more effective asset management, increasing reliability, efficiency and safety at lower costs

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