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ALVIN® Reclose is the most advanced, cost-effective solution available on the market enabling effective fault management and supply restoration on low voltage networks, in particular for intermittent faults.

Intermittent faults are becoming increasingly common on ageing LV cable networks and often result in multiple fuse operations. Inevitably, this leads to poor supply reliability, increased costs due to time on site to replace fuses as well as potential customer complaints.

Up to 80% of intermittent faults can be restored first time without the need to visit the substation

ALVIN’s patented design uses advanced thyristor technology to carry out switching operations and provides additional features such as SafeOn®.

Following a loss of supply, the SafeOn® feature will carry out checks to see if the fault is permanent or not.  If the fault is deemed not to be permanent, then the ALVIN will automatically reclose to restore electrical supplies without the need to visit the substation. For permanent faults, it will be decided that it is not safe to close and will lock-out.

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