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Net Zero Advisory

Globally, governments are introducing legislative measures to urge businesses to develop more sustainable practices. The UK has set out the Net Zero Strategy to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. EA Technology is a pioneer in the energy industry and supports this journey with a huge experience on different projects across a range of sectors.

Our Net Zero consultants are here to support any business using our expertise, innovation, and smart technological solutions to help businesses adapt to these changes.

Why is achieving Net Zero important for organizations?

Net Zero is part of a long-term shift to decarbonize economies in response to the climate emergency. The way we produce, use and store energy needs to rapidly change to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions on the journey to Net Zero.

While innovation is still required in some sectors to achieve science-based targets this, should not prevent companies taking action now to minimize greenhouse gas emissions while also actively considering significant shifts in their business model.

At EA Technology we are here to support you in this net zero transition and overcome different challenges, but also:

  • Improve your ability to drive innovation and create a competitive advantage.

  • Increase investor confidence.

  • Increase your adaptability to future legislation.

 How we can help you

  • Advising without an agenda
  • Supporting decision makers
  • Delivering comparative analysis
  • Providing recommendations to other industries
  • Providing assurance on projects and goals
David Mills
Head of Net Zero Transition