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Asset Investment Management (Invest)

Our risk-based asset investment management is the very definition of excellence in asset management, ensuring electrical assets can be maintained in a safe, reliable state at the lowest possible cost. AIM standard models are a set of pre-built asset models that have been tested with millions of assets.


  • Quantifies risks to the business in understandable financial terms.  Empowering financial, asset management and engineering personnel to make the best decisions
    • Our core offering allows you to:
    • Integrate and optimize the management of all your assets
    • Undertake assessments of asset health and performance
    • Drive smarter refurbishment and replacement decisions
    • Reduce operational and capital costs
    • Maximize the value of knowledge about asset condition
  • Integration with multiple asset data sources to provide a single, consistent view of asset health
  • Mature methodology and user group – the AIM models have a growing number of users. The models have been designed to be comprehensive, yet rationalized to make the best use of data that is realistically available
  • The AIM standard has received a large amount of investment and have been tested with millions of assets.  Users of licensed AIM models will also receive ongoing product enhancements

Basic Functionality

  • Asset health profiling including end of economic life and year of intervention prediction in years 0-25
  • Asset performance and probability of failure
  • Asset criticality and consequence assessment
  • Monetized risk assessment for assets based on their current condition and criticality
  • Future monetized risk assessment for assets based on their predicted condition and criticality without investments
  • The models are designed with the same format and components to enable roll-ups of results
    Intervention modelling
    • Residual monetized asset risk
    • Risk reduction achieved via replacement
    • Two methods of intervention strategy that enable different investment scenarios to be assessed for asset health and monetized risk.
  • User Control – The system provides user control where permission for the use of models must be provided. The system records activity by users.
  • Auditable calibration control / traceability – AIM models capture calibration changes so that they can be reviewed but also as a record of scenarios that have been tested. It is easy to determine when and why a calibration has changed as comments can be left.
  • The AIM models track the data loads so that a historical record of data refreshes is captured

    Optional Extras:

    Data Mappings, Enhanced Methodology, Interventions, Smart Interventions, Integration

    Service Offerings

    • Models – annual license and support
    • Models – perpetual license and support
    • Software as a Service
    • Cloud hosting

    AIM Family

    • AIM for Asset Health
    • AIM for Reliability
    • AIM for Criticality
    • AIM for Risk Reduction
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