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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a pivotal catalyst for change within Australia’s electricity sector

At EA Technology Australia, we recognise the impact that EV’s will have on the electricity network and are working to provide smart charging solutions to mitigate this. We engage with organisations to build partnerships and have already made great headway through pioneering projects such as ‘Electric Nation’ and ‘My Electric Avenue’. Our Network Assessment Tool represents the state-of-the-art in electric vehicle infrastructure planning and impact assessment.

The provision of EV infrastructure support and planning services will streamline the implementation of electric vehicles in Australia, while supporting the tremendous change to our lifestyles. Sequentially making clean transport the natural choice for consumers.

To facilitate the transition, EA Technology is assisting to provide the tools and services which will enable EV charging infrastructure to be connected to the public electricity network. This will be at the highest speed and lowest cost to both the network operator and the consumer.

Our contributions are only a part of this exciting story. EV uptake is a global trend and the shift will have unprecedented effects. Both environmentally and financially for the industry and the consumer.

For us, engaging in this field brings great responsibility to guide Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) in their preparation for EV uptake and ensure that the network is not the limiting factor hindering EV roll-out. Our engagement in cutting-edge projects that have a real-world impact creates an incredible opportunity to introduce modern technology into an industry that is lacking, however keen to catch up!

We have accomplished incredible amounts through our involvement to date and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to the development and deployment of EV Infrastructure during the ‘Charge’ project which commenced in January 2019.

Charge Project

This project will generate outcomes that will reinforce the transition we are experiencing and assist us in preparing for the future. Tools and software such as ConnectMore (developed under the Charge project) and AutoDesign (developed in partnership with Northern Powergrid) have been constructed and will be refined throughout the Charge Project. Ultimately to become the default network design and planning tools for:

  • Distribution network operators to assess, plan and design low voltage networks
  • Independent connection providers to design low voltage networks
  • The public to be informed on electricity network connection cost for new equipment
  • The selection of charging point locations and technology, together with supporting data relating to charge point operating cost and income

We are paving the route for future network design and planning endeavours and wish to assist our clients with our unique combined knowledge of EV’s and distribution network design. Comprehending the scale and challenges faced by the electrification of transport is an immense task.

Therefore, at EA Technology we are always willing to partner with organisations that share our values and passion for a better world.

If you have an electrified transport project or idea that you would like to work on with us, then please get in touch. We’d love to meet you!


Download our EVI Case Studies using the links below:

Yogendra Vashishtha
Head of Future Networks

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