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Overview of Microgrids

What are microgrids?

Microgrids are locally interconnected systems within clearly defined electrical boundaries. They can either run on the main electricity network or be disconnected from the grid to function independently. With the ability to draw electricity from multiple sources such as – solar PV and batteries, microgrids have the capability to incorporate loads and decentralised energy resources to reinforce energy security, reliability and sustainability.


Common Industry Challenges


  • Microgrid synchronisation with the main grid
  • Dual mode – seamless switching from grids connected to island mode
  • Electrical protection compliance within the microgrid
  • Power quality and controls


  • Interconnection rules with the main grid
  • Prohibition of bi-directional power flow
  • Local power trading between microgrid and the main network
  • Complexity of approval process


  • Burden of high investment and replacement costs


  • Stakeholder engagement within and outside a microgrid
  • Consumer behaviour in a shared asset
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