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The CableSniffer™ is a revolution in locating faults in underground LV cables fast. Instead of relying on exploratory excavations, it samples and analyzes the gases emitted when cable insulation starts to break down, via a series of 8mm bore holes. Faults can normally be located in under an hour and to an accuracy better than 1 meter, eliminating the need for multiple exploratory excavations.

Our customers have confirmed that the CableSniffer pinpoints problems in underground Low voltage cables much faster and more accurately than any other method.

Accurate and reliable instrument that enables the restoration of supplies to customers and far fewer holes in the road with the added bonus of major cost savings in time and materials.

Normally, the highest concentration of gas is directly above the fault. Faults can usually be located in under an hour to an accuracy better than 1 meter, eliminating the need for multiple exploratory excavations which can cost around $1500 each.

With the launch of the CS2 in 2016, this latest device comes packed with additional benefits when compared to the CS1

Benefits of the CS2

  • Small and more portable than the CS1
  • Average 50% saving on the costs of fault location and re-instatement
  • Even greater savings where there are time-based penalties for disrupting highways
  • Under one hour typical time to locate each fault – a fraction of the time taken with conventional methods
  • Much faster restoration of services – making customers and stakeholders happy
  • Far fewer holes and trenches – with much less disruption and environmental damage
  • No need to locate faults by breaking and re-jointing healthy cables – which can introduce new faults
  • 10 years’ track record of effectiveness in the field – more than 2500 in service
  • Immediate return on investment plus repeated year-on-year savings
  • Easy to use with minimal training
  • Portable and easy to transport – ideal addition to engineers’ field kit