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Is Periodic Testing Dead? Monitor 24/7

  • 26 May 2021

  • EA Technology


How electrical test companies can adapt to meet customers’ evolving needs. Always-On Electrical Assets Require Continuous Monitoring.

The traditional business model for electrical test companies has been to periodically run tests on their clients’ electrical assets. This would provide a certain level of comfort to customers that their equipment was in good working order and would remain that way until the next scheduled test. That isn’t always the case though — failures can occur in between tests.

Given the high impact of failures, the aging of medium-voltage assets, and the growing number of options in cost-effective monitoring solutions, a change is taking place.
End users are increasingly installing 24x7 monitoring on their medium- and high voltage assets so that potential problems are spotted when they start and are more likely to be rectified before failure occurs.


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