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Astute® Cable Monitoring Service

Failure of your high-voltage switchgear and cabling could cost millions in repairs, replacements and fines. But most failures don’t happen in a flash – they can be predicted from warning signs, most notably partial discharge (PD).

By watching your cables and switchgear, EA Technology’s Astute HV Monitoring® service can alert you to potentially failing cables that should be investigated.

Astute HV Monitoring® service for Cables

Combining the hardware of the Astute HV Monitor and the expertise of EA Technology’s engineering staff, Astute HV monitoring is offered as a service with nothing to purchase.  A monthly rate provides for the hardware and monitoring of the data.  The customer gets a detailed but easily understood dashboard showing the condition of every cable in their system.

Finding destructive partial discharge in a see of noise takes skilled analysis.  Make use of EA Technology’s decades of experience detecting PD.  Let the experts do the analysis and alert you when attention is needed. This lets you focus on your business, knowing your power system is protected.

William G. Higinbotham