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Online Cable condition assesment (CDC)

Online Cable Testing System Identifies and reports Partial Discharge (PD) activity in LIVE CABLES of distribution voltage.


  • Identifies cable defects before they fail
  • Does not require a cable outage
  • Quick, safe and non-destructive
  • Expert cable condition analysis & reports


  • Detects and measures PD activity in single and three phase cables
  • Works with most insulated cable types up to distances of several miles
  • Small, robust, portable and easy to use

CableDataTM Analysis Studio Software

Recorded data on PD activity is interpreted with CableData CollectorTM analysis software.

The results are output as reports showing:

  • The severity of PD activity
  • Evidence on which to assess the risks of failure
  • Intelligence for decisions on remedial action or replacement.
William G. Higinbotham