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EN2024 Conference & Exhibition

  • 29 January 2024

  • EA Technology

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Date: 19 - 21 March

Venue: Adelaide Convention and Exhibition Center

Hosted by Energy Networks Australia, the EN2024 Conference is a biennial event showcasing industry innovations and strengthening relationships between key stakeholders. The event brings together industry experts to discuss how we can navigate the ongoing network transformation.

Four key themes for EN2024:

  1. Enabling the energy transformation  
  2. Resilience   
  3. Community and customers to enable the change
  4. The future of energy

Topics that will be covered include: 

  • Towards Net Zero   
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Renewable Energy Zones  
  • DER/CER   
  • Community batteries  
  • The state of the NEM   
  • Regulation and Funding Mechanisms
  • ...and more!
Find Us There

EA Technology will be participating at the conference together with our team of network transformation experts. If you have any questions from Net Zero transition to future networks and the low voltage (LV) grid, come say hi.

Visit Us at Booth #47, our team will be there and happy to chat!


Mark Sprawson

Director of Consultancy Insights

EA Technology | UK

Neil Davies

Managing Director Australia

EA Technology | Australia

Profile Photo Yogendra

Dr Yogendra Vashishtha

Head of Future Networks

EA Technology | Australia

Thomas Whyte

Senior Engineer

EA Technology | Australia



We'll also be showcasing our industry-leading LV network solutions:


LV Monitoring Device

Low Voltage Monitoring Device

VisNet Hub

Operates real-time in LV distribution substations.

Supply-Restoration Reclose Equipment

Alvin 2

Maintenance-free, smart power restoration device.

connectmore screen

Capacity Visualisation and Self-Service Connection Tool


Allow users to identify the ideal locations to install charge points.

connect LV screen

Interactive Display of LV Network Design Tool

VisNet Design

Perfect software tool for assessing the impact of new connection requests.

EA detect

Interactive Display of LV Monitoring Visualisation Tool

EA Technology | Detect

Look at real-time data from over 600 monitored LV substations.

Online Tool for Asset Management and Investment Decision Support

EA Technology | Invest

Structural framework that analyses asset health and predicts failure.

Condition-Based Risk Management Solution


Bespoke modelling tailored to client's asset portfolio and requirements.

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