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Condition Assessment

Condition-based asset management cuts costs by reducing unnecessary maintenance, identifying faults before they become failures, and enhancing strategic planning for repairs and replacement.

Our condition assessment service includes both remote monitoring and on-site options and everything from predictive monitoring to interrogating failures. Find out how we can help you to troubleshoot and plan ahead.

Astute HV Monitoring® Service

Avoid the failure of high-voltage switchgear and cabling that could cost millions in repairs, replacements and fines.

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Oil Analysis

Cost-effective and safe proven method of retrieving an oil sample, causing minimal disruption to the network.

Failure Investigations

Our Power Forensics™ service covers all industry sectors, from transmission and distribution to low voltage controls.

Switchgear Condition Assessment

Understand the condition of your electrical assets to improve your network’s performance, safety and cost-efficiency.

Transformer Condition Assessment

Power transformers are strategically important and expensive components – improve their performance and extend service life with o...

Rotating Machine Condition Assessment

Identify machines at risk of catastrophic in-service failure, improve performance extend reliable service life with our comprehens...

Overhead line Condition Assessment

Trust us to meet all your overhead power line needs.

Cable Condition Assessment

MV and HV cables can be challenging to manage, hidden from view underground.

Earthing & Lightning Services

Avoid the devastating damage that lightning can cause by tapping into our expertise.

Network Infrastructure Visibility

Better visibility of how your network is working makes it easier to understand capacity and accommodate new low-carbon technologie...