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Energy Networks 2022 Conference

  • 16 December 2021

  • EA Technology

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Date: 16-18 March 2022
Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Hosted by Energy Networks Australia, this conference takes place every few years, bringing together the best in our industry to share knowledge and expertise on navigating energy transformation.

Find Us There

EA Technology will be participating at the conference together with our team of specialist consultants. If you have a question on network transformation or the low voltage (LV) grid, come say hi to us.

Our Booth

Drop by our exhibition stand where we'll be showcasing our industry-leading LV monitoring solutions:

LV Monitoring Device

Low Voltage Monitoring Device

VisNet Hub

EA detect

Interactive Display Of Our LV Monitoring Visualisation

EA Technology | Detect

connect LV screen

Interactive Display of LV Network Design Tool

EA Technology | Connect


VisNet Hub operates real-time in LV distribution substations to provide valuable insights into substation efficiency and optimisation.

We will be displaying a physical unit of the VisNet Hub. If you are interested to find out how you can gain a better control over your LV assets, come have a look and learn how this device can be operated to obtain all the insights you need.

Play around with our touchscreen, interactive display, showing real-time data from over 600 monitored LV substations.

Experience first-hand the power of EA Technology Detect to capture comprehensive data from LV networks and convert them into simple, effective visualisation, allowing network operators to immediately spot network issues and drill down into the assets that require repair.

The perfect software tool for electrical network operators, connection providers and design consultant to assess and manage the impact of new connection requests. 

Interested to see the mechanisms behind? Come by our booth to try out the interactive displays.

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