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Partial Discharge Detection: Best Practice

  • 14 September 2021

  • EA Technology

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Partial Discharge (PD) can occur in most types of high-voltage electrical assets, which is why it is important to understand how to detect it. Detecting and measuring Partial Discharge activity gives a unique insight into the condition of high-voltage assets without the need for expensive shutdowns or invasive testing. Detecting PD at an early stage can help prevent severe asset failures, improve network reliability and enhance operator safety.

Join us for this webinar and discover some of our best practice techniques for Partial Discharge detection. We’ll be covering:

- Partial Discharge fundamentals: Understanding the importance of PD detection

- How to recognise and detect the most common types of PD

- What to do when you have detected PD

- Measuring and interpreting PD data: How to get the right data and analysis

- How PD surveys can provide an asset health check and support maintenance planning

All webinar attendees will receive 15% off our PD Surveys. T&C's apply.*

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