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EATL launch hunt for new solutions for the Distribution network – First Quarter Update

  • 11 October 2017

  • EA Technology


Great progress within the first months of our hunt!

We have made good progress in our first month looking for new ideas to help the DNO’s operate, safer, cheaper and more carbon friendly networks. Some of the highlights include:

• Promising discussions with Ofgem to identify funding for a new process to reduce transformer load losses
• Detailed studies on opportunities for improving LV load imbalance
• In depth discussions with two leading UK universities to identify promising areas for new studies
• Liaison with the Growth hubs around the country to advertise our interest in new ideas

EATL working with Cardiff University

We have made more good progress in our second month. The main highlight was our discussions with Cardiff University. Following a successful meeting we are looking at four possible areas of collaboration:

• Multi vector energy supply and its disruption on business as usual dno business activity
• Cyber security for Electric Vehicles
• Power Electronics solutions for reducing distribution losses
• Using Smart meter data to identify householders phase connection

Remember, if you have a great idea but are struggling to get it to market give us a call. If we like your idea we will tailor a support package for you for no up-front cost at all and with shared benefits once the idea reaches the market. More details can be found on the downloadable leaflet. If you want to talk your idea through please contact Duncan Yellen on 0151 347 2386 or e-mail him on Duncan.Yellen@eatechnology.com