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EA Technology 2030: Video predicts the future

  • 22 August 2018

  • EA Technology


UK energy specialist EA Technology has taken a look into the future with the production of a new company film.

The film predicts how the company is planning to evolve over the next decade or so – establishing itself as a global leader in the delivery of “safer, stronger and smarter networks”.

The film was developed by EA Technology CEO Robert Davis, together with colleagues and Cheshire digital marketing agency Big Brand Ideas.
The two minute video takes the viewer on a tour of the world, stopping off at various points to get a flavour of the projects being undertaken by key EA Technology staff.

The transformational impact of some of the company’s key products are showcased.Included are LoCIUS, the innovative solution to check voltage and current data in distribution sub-stations and HV Astute Monitoring, which helps clients reduce and eradicate unplanned outages on their electricity supply.

The film also talks about EA Technology’s expertise in network design, helping customers around the world to upgrade their networks.

One of EA Technology’s other aspirations is to become a global centre of excellence for learning. The film predicts a future when EA Technology’s team of experts are lecturers at the University for Future Networks, providing training and education to over 15,000 students worldwide.


‟“We have a bold and exciting vision of what the future could be like for EA Technology and we felt that commissioning this video was a fantastic way to encapsulate some of the things we believe are possible over the next decade or so. “I hope this short film inspires our customers, partners and, most importantly of all, our people as to what EA Technology 2030 could look like.””

Robert Davis