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Expertise in Power Quality Investigations

  • 12 September 2018

  • EA Technology


Poor power quality can cause process disruption and equipment failure, which can have a significant cost impact on your business. Power quality issues can go unnoticed due to failures being attributed to the incorrect cause when in fact they are a result of power quality issues in the form of harmonics, voltage sags/swells, flicker and transients.

Poor power quality can result in:

  • Partial process failures
  • Complete production stoppage
  • Motors and transformers overheating
  • Equipment and process malfunctions and shutdowns

These are issues which are familiar to operators of high voltage networks on industrial and commercial sites including petrochemicals, mining, process engineering, manufacturing, transport infrastructure, health and defence.

EA Technology’s power quality team has a proven track record of working with clients in the areas mentioned above to help them identify problems and put in place effective, long-lasting solutions.

In many cases, the cost of mitigating power quality performance issues is far less than the costs associated with process disruption.

When the performance of your existing electrical network is affecting your production or causing equipment to fail, we can provide you with the independent, impartial consultancy to help establish the cause of the problem and recommend corrective action.

Our specialist service combines the latest assessment technology (Class A Power Quality monitors) and modelling approaches, built on in depth experience in electrical networks and power engineering.

We are a vendor neutral company, globally recognised and respected.

The range of specialist support EA Technology can provide includes:

  • Comprehensive power quality analyses for identifying problems
    • Measurement of single and three phase voltages and currents (fundamental and harmonic orders), power, energy, power factor, frequency and transients
    • G5/4 compliance and system resonance analysis
    • Investigation of the harmonic effects of power system loads
    • Distorting load impact assessments
    • Harmonic studies (Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and individual harmonics)
    • Flicker evaluation
    • Voltage unbalance analysis
  • Recommendations for effective solutions to resolve power quality disturbances
  • Mitigation of power quality issues introduced by new or replacement equipment
  • Advice on how to reduce risk to your operations and maximise power efficiency
  • Recommendations on how to protect your assets from damage caused by poor power quality
  • Training on power quality

For more information about Power Quality Assessments, please contact Tony Dowd at EA Technology on + 44 (0) 151 347 2313 or email: