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Safeguard your electricity supply by detecting Partial Discharge

  • 29 November 2018

  • EA Technology


What would you do if your power went down for 24 hours?

If you run a business with critical high voltage assets, then stopping production even for a day is just not an option.

In worst-case scenarios, it can mean multi-million-pound daily losses or even spell economic disaster.

We believe that monitoring your HV assets is increasingly important for businesses ranging in size from large industrial companies and ‘just-in-time manufacturers’ to hospitals, data centres, renewables companies and the petrochemical industry.

The key to doing this is to ensure that every instance of Partial Discharge, or PD, is quickly identified, recorded and reported. PD is a reliable indicator of insulation condition, and insulation failure is a major cause of HV asset failure.

There are three key reasons for monitoring PD levels in HV assets:

  1. Safety. From the engineers to the cleaners, anyone visiting a switch room where there is PD occurring is putting themselves at risk. There is the potential for a fire or an explosion with very little or no warning of something about to go pop. Obviously, the earlier the indication of a potential problem, the better. It is easy to spot a water leak or a hole in a roof, but it is far less easy to identify a gap between insulation and a connector.
  2. Safeguarding power supply. Whatever the size of your business – whether you are a national bread maker, a wind or solar farm, an electricity supply company or one of the country’s largest manufacturing sites – keeping a constant power supply on is business critical. Unplanned outages can result in hundreds of thousands of pounds of lost revenue, lost production and significant operational costs.
  3. Understanding the condition of your assets. Critical high voltage assets can go at any time depending on how well they have been planned, installed and maintained. Prevention is always better than cure and generally more effective.  Monitoring of HV assets allows trends in activity to be seen. Different sites can then be compared for HV reliability – a critical index for future plant investment plans.

So, what can you do to safeguard your electricity supply by detecting Partial Discharge?

For critical assets, EA Technology offers its Astute partial discharge monitoring service. It is a comprehensive service that offers 24/7 monitoring of switchgear and cables.  You don’t need to worry about capital investment, installation, ongoing monitoring, system maintenance, calibration and upgrades – that’s all taken care of in a single monthly fee at a price that is probably less than renting a fork lift truck.

It is really that easy. Using our skills and experience, EA Technology will do all the complex work, leaving you assured that there no developing insulation problem in your HV assets.   It’s just one of the ways that EA Technology can work with you to help to keep your power supply on.

To find out more about the Astute, contact us on: +44 (0) 151 347 2313 or