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EA Technology welcomes Chancellor’s £540million electric vehicle boost

  • 23 November 2017

  • EA Technology


The Government’s unveiling of a £540million package of support for electric vehicle (EV) technologies was welcomed today by EA Technology.

The Cheshire-headquartered organisation, which is involved in a number of innovative EV and smart charging projects, said the cash injection was recognition of the “vast amount of work” that needs to be undertaken to ensure the UK became a world leader in low emission vehicles.

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a new £400million charging infrastructure fund to improve the UK’s electric car charging network and encourage the uptake of EVs. A further £100million will go towards grants on offer for people and businesses purchasing new EVs, while an additional £40million of R&D funding will explore how to improve EV charging.

Daniel Hollingworth, Head of EV Readiness at EA Technology, said: “We welcome the Chancellor’s announcement and its recognition that the electric vehicle revolution is an important part of the Government’s climate change agenda.

“This financial package follows the announcement of the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill in the Queen’s Speech which will allow government to mandate charge point provision in public places and ensure minimum standards to enable large-scale smart charging.

“The unstoppable pace of change can also be seen in the commitments made by many of the automotive giants to move towards either fully electric or hybrid vehicles over the next few years.
There is a vast amount of work to be done in order for the UK’s infrastructure to be fit for purpose, but announcements such as the one in today’s Budget ensures that EV technologies and their successful adoption remain high on the agenda.”