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EA Technology launches new Solar Power Engineers Forum

  • 15 August 2018

  • EA Technology


The Solar industry have been very proactive in setting up many different conferences and seminars, in fact EA Technology has attended quite a number of them over the past couple of years; however, they are typically centered around Finance, Feed in Tariffs and optimising assets through re-investment. All of these subjects are obviously very worthwhile and require discussion; however, this means that very little time is spent discussing and acquiring knowledge on engineering aspects of a solar site’s High Voltage networks.

EA Technology will be organising a Solar Engineers Forum who’s purpose will be to discuss issues, good working practices and failures experienced by Solar EPCs, O&Ms, Investors etc. The forums will be based on a membership basis where an organisation will commit to two forums in any one membership year. It is planned that the Forums will be held during September and March at EA Technology’s Capenhurst offices (Near Chester), and staged in lecture theatre, which is fully equipped with presentation and audio facilities.

The inaugural forum will have a set agenda that will cover presentations on:

  • Electrical Safety Rules
  • Maintenance Strategies/Regimes
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Constraint Management
  • Condition Assessment
  • Storage

The last session of each forum will be an open discussion where members can raise issues, ask questions and request future agenda items in upcoming forums. The sharing of knowledge between similar type organisations can be a very powerful tool in preventing failures. For further information of Asset Management or the Solar Engineers Forums, please contact Andrew McHarrie at asset.management@eatechnology.com