EA Technology secures prestigious contract with UK Power Networks to ensure a “safer, stronger and smarter” network | EA Technology
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EA Technology secures prestigious contract with UK Power Networks

  • 15 August 2018

  • EA Technology


UK energy specialist EA Technology has won a major contract with UK Power Networks to provide its customers with a “safer, stronger and smarter” network.

EA Technology has been awarded a 4 year framework agreement with UK Power Networks to roll out its innovative ALVIN (Automated Low Voltage Intelligent Network) technology.

The ALVIN suite of products enables networks to manage faults and regulate electrical loads, providing real-time intelligence and data as to what is happening across the electricity distribution network.

At the heart of the technology is ALVIN Reclose which allows network operators to identify and resolve faults without the need for an engineer to visit a site. It has the ability to restore power to a network after ensuring it is safe to do so.

The UK Power Networks contract win, which followed a competitive tender process, is EA Technology’s most significant to date for its ALVIN technology.

Robert Davis, EA Technology’s CEO, said: “This is a major vote of confidence in our ground-breaking ALVIN technology. We collaborated closely with UK Power Networks, gaining its technical input to ensure that our innovative products completely met the needs of the network.

“We believe we have created technology that is genuinely game-changing for electricity networks – providing them with the capability to run a fully automated, self-healing network.

“ALVIN Reclose transforms the speed with which network operators can diagnose and fix faults which, in turn, produces significant cost savings. It also reduces the risk of a network operator receiving penalties from the Government regulator, Ofgem.

“The ALVIN products are giving network operators the same sophistication of network control on low voltage networks that already exists for high voltage networks, but at a significantly reduced cost due to the scale of LV networks.

“The challenges facing LV networks are increasing all the time due to the uptake of low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles, photovoltaic generators and heat pumps.”

The first year of the framework will see EA Technology mobilise its technology in the critical Central London area before rolling out to the rest of the UK Power Networks regions.

EA Technology, headquartered on the Capenhurst Technology Park in Cheshire, is a world leader in developing and implementing products and services to enable power networks to become safer, more reliable and cost effective.

You can view a film about the ALVIN technology here.