EA Technology would like to thank you for your ongoing support and understanding as we make progress in establishing a new normal.

EA Technology UK offices are following the guidelines of the UK government in full regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. Key to this are several fundamental principles to manage the transmission risk;

• Work from home if you can
• Protect vulnerable members of the workforce
• Maintain 2 metres social distancing wherever possible
• Where people cannot be 2 metres apart manage the transmission risk
• Pay particular attention to hand hygiene
• Enhance cleaning processes


We recognise that many of our customers play a key role in delivering and maintaining key national infrastructure. Many of our customers have been adapting too and are increasingly moving from their initial response and re-establishing sustainable and stable business operations. We are committed to being able to support their activities by continuing to operate as near a normal service as possible and we’re working closely with customers to ensure that hygiene and distancing controls can be maintained for all contracted work.

In addition to our standard working practices, we are taking appropriate and specific steps to mitigate any risks to our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and the public in line with the latest government guidance.

We are not accepting visitors to our UK offices at this time other than for training activities.


Where we can, employees are working from home. This accounts for some 75% of our UK workforce. We expect this to continue while the government guidance remains in place and will be making full use of video communications for staying in touch.

Where people cannot work from home, we are complying with hygiene and social distancing guidelines and have restricted access to labs, production spaces and our training facilities. We are limiting proximity to others by controlling numbers in these workspaces and splitting teams.

Non-essential business travel and the use of public transport for business activities has been stopped.


Our production teams are operating a split shift and have measures in place to manage distancing and hygiene requirements.

Our supply chain is working well both in the UK and internationally and we thank our suppliers for their efforts in maintaining productivity.

Our logistics team is continuing to fulfil and despatch orders in the UK and internationally and this is becoming easier.

We are running a normal calibration and repair service.


We are delivering as much contracted work as we are able while complying with national and local restrictions.

Our consultancy and software teams are almost exclusively working at home to reduce the likelihood of virus transmission and this is working well.

Risk assessments for our service activities have been completed and are under frequent review. These are shared with customers and suppliers as we agree safe methods of work to limit the likelihood of virus transmission. We are committed to implementing all government recommendations regarding COVID-19.

Our Monitoring services team are largely working from home and operating a normal service. Forensics and Oil Diagnostics are open for business, providing insights on condition and faults. Our Oil Diagnostics team is at full strength with distancing and measures in place to manage the lab areas.


We have scheduled courses programmed for the coming weeks and are expecting to be offering a full programme from September including online and face to face training.

We are working with customers directly to agree the ongoing delivery of bespoke, managed and qualification programmes.

We are also offering distance learning options which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

We continue to monitor the UK government advice closely and change our approaches where advised.

Please rest assured that we are operating as near business as usual as we are able, and we will be happy to speak to you regarding any way in which we can help.

Robert Davis
Group CEO
EA Technology Ltd
2 July 2020