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EA Technology branch out with environmental legacy project

  • 26 April 2021

  • EA Technology


Engineering innovators EA Technology has been involved with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project that addresses climate change and the wider environmental challenges we will all face in the future. As part of a carbon replacement initiative, EA Technology has donated £10,000 to The Mersey Forest Partnership project, to plant saplings on the Tatton Estate in Cheshire. Planting these trees will reduce net carbon emissions and raise local awareness.

EA Technology contributed to this pioneering carbon insetting scheme, where a mixed selection of about 4,000 conifer and broad-leafed trees have been planted at the North Bank Farm area, which is classed as ‘marginal land’. The new plantation of trees links Square Wood on the Tatton Estate, and woodland in Tatton Park itself, via Broad Oak Lane in the Cheshire village of Mobberley. Tatton Estates is the landowning and estate management company behind the pilot scheme, working in collaboration with The Mersey Forest organisation. Over 13,000 trees have been planted by the Tatton Estate, as part of the project that unites landowners, industry leaders and local communities.

EA Technology's CEO Robert Davis visited the site to plant some saplings and see first-hand the positive impact the project is having. He explained: “This is a simple but effective project that anyone can become involved with. We encourage other businesses across the North West to look at ways they can help the UK – and indeed the world – achieve net zero emissions in the not too distant future. If we all make a collective effort, then net zero could be attainable sooner than we think”.

He continued: "If other companies follow suit and take up these initiatives, the overall effect will be overwhelmingly beneficial to the environment – but more importantly for local communities too. People will be able to appreciate and enjoy their surroundings, which will be further enhanced by these thriving green spaces."

Henry Brooks, representing the Tatton Estate, commented: “This pilot scheme is proving to be a successful way of using rural and urban spaces, while helping the environment. The Estate has always been about conservation and consideration for the countryside and its landscape. By the creation of new, regenerative plantations, we’re safeguarding the future of these large estates, and also making a greener world for all”.

By the end of March 2021, the Mersey Forest Partnership had planted almost 40 hectares of new woodland in the North Cheshire and Merseyside regions. The areas being planted range from urban parks and green spaces to open farmland.

EA Technology helps its clients understand today’s constantly evolving energy landscape by defining business strategy and establishing the benefits of adopting novel approaches. It shapes trials and pilot projects on the distribution network, and takes outcomes from innovative projects, to develop business-as-usual practices for instant adoption in the everyday world.

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Another exciting change in the industry is the increasing drive toward achieving Net Zero; one of the biggest challenges we face will be the meeting the increase in electricity demand as homes and vehicles make the move away from fossil fuels. Significant investment in the electricity network will be needed to ensure that the generation, transmission and distribution networks have sufficient capacity and flexibility to meet the demand, and existing assets will have to work harder and smarter, so it will more important than ever to understand the value of assets to the network, and to target investment appropriately.