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My Electric Avenue

  • 25 May 2021

  • Paul Barnfather


Electric Nation provides evidence that a combination of well-designed EV tariffs (offered by an energy supplier) coupled with flexible smart charging has the ability to provide the lowest-cost solution for customers whilst ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. In short, it delivers a low-hassle customer experience at an acceptable cost.

Further, for network businesses like WPD it means that we have confidence in market–based solutions for moving demand away from peak hours, which in turn reduces the cost of upgrading our network for low carbon technologies such as EVs. This project has set a new standard for understanding consumer attitudes toward smart charging. The project was delivered by a dedicated team drawn
from WPD and our project partners EA Technology, Drive Electric, TRL and Lucy Gridkey. But in addition to recognising the hard work of the project team, I must also acknowledge the amazing support and enthusiasm (and sometimes patience) of our 673 drivers. Without them there would be no
project conclusions. 

Paul Barnfather
Head of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure


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