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  • 30 July 2020

  • EA Technology


Client need

The Network Transformation Roadmap in Australia sets out the actions necessary to prepare the grid such that it is fit for purpose in ten years’ time. As part of this, EA Technology was commissioned to describe the future operating platform for the grid under four future scenarios.

Our approach

We recommended an SGAM approach to Energy Networks Australia such that the key actions and relationships could be visualised at all levels, from component through to business layers. This approach was welcomed and hence we created a high-level SGAM for each of the future world scenarios. For each scenario, we considered the key actors and how they would interact with each other. By understanding the extent to which the role of such actors will change from today, and examining which roles and interactions are most prevalent across the four scenarios, it was possible to establish a least regrets pathway for the next ten years.


The key benefits of this approach were the ability to demonstrate in a highly visual manner the changes that would be necessary to facilitate one of the four future worlds in comparison to today’s electricity system. By understanding the key interactions across all four scenarios, areas of commonality were drawn out, thus providing a pathway of least regrets for the initial period, until such time as the scenarios diverge due to specific trigger points.

This then fed into the development of an Innovation Strategy for Australian networks, allowing the necessary gaps to be filled and ensuring that progress along the transition pathway could be achieved.