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ESB (Ireland) – Electrical Safety Rules

  • 30 July 2020

  • EA Technology



Our client’s major responsibilities include the design, construction, operation and maintenance its electrical distribution system as well as the construction and maintenance of the associated transmission systems. Work activities including the control, operation, work or testing, on or in the near vicinity of electrical apparatus and plant. The client enforces these activities by safety controls set out in their organisation’s Electrical Safety Rules.


To support ESB in evaluating the robustness and appropriateness of their Electrical Safety Rules, plus provide quantitative benefit for each recommended change to support ESB in their pursuit of safety excellence.


Working with the ESB team, EA Technology used effective project management processes and techniques (including the development of a work-plan, assessment and early identification of project risk, successful mitigation, open dialogue, desktop studies and working group Q&A’s), to deliver a quality service to its client.


The project used standardised assessment tools that compared the content of the client’s Electrical Safety Rules to the safety controls specified in EN 50110, Industry best practice models and governing statutes.
A number of recommendations were made to ESB, which were designed to align sections of the Electrical Safety Rules with the standards used in the comparison work. For easy reference and change control each recommendation had a risk rating applied, plus they were also summarised in tabular form to deliver a simplified means of capturing the recommendations made within the final project report.


In commissioning EA Technology to carry out this project the ESB were able to benefit from the following:

  • Specialist expert knowledge and market experience
  • An independent and unbiased perspective
  • Flexible and focused delivery to accomplish short term goals
  • Reduced overheads

Asset Management Proposition

EA Technology’s Asset Management and Policy proposition can add value to an organisation through supplying of our expert knowledge of Asset Management and electrical assets. The Asset Management and Policy proposition offers a wide variety of services to support our clients, such as:

  • Asset Management System GAP analysis audits
  • Review of Asset Management System Implementation plans
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Technical advice and support
  • Understanding failure modes, rates & characteristics
  • Developing and optimising maintenance programmes and process control procedures
  • Electrical Safety Rules Review / Audit
  • Optimising review techniques with focus on Reliability Centred or Risk Based Maintenance
  • Optimising asset data/information to assist decision making
  • Specification of an Asset Management System
  • Assessment of an organisations Maintenance activities
  • Electrical Infrastructure Audits

For further information on what the Asset Management and Policy proposition can assist you with. 

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