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  • 26 May 2021

  • EA Technology


Network Investment Forecasting Tool helps Western Power Distribution prepare for LCT

NIFT stands for “Network Investment Forecasting Tool”. It is a “tool” which can help DNOs plan for the future, by using forecasted LCT uptakes to predict which networks will break, when they will break, and optionally which solutions might be implemented to address these breakages, and how much those solutions will cost. 

NIFT enables current and future network constraints to be analysed at any level, from license area right down to the  individual network components. The outputs are used by WPD to plan the optimum level of investment in the electricity network, and to provide clear evidence for the RIIO business plan submission to Ofgem. This helps to ensure that investments are transparent, cost-effective and in consumers’ interests.

Network constraint heatmap

Western Power Distribution is planning ahead with the Network Investment Forecasting Tool (NIFT), developed by EA Technology. The bespoke software solution, which Western Power Distribution deployed in 2019, generates LV and HV network loading and investment data for various low-carbon technology (LCT) uptake scenarios​.

How does NIFT work?

NIFT uses the following information:

  • Customer data
  • Asset data
  • Future connection forecasts
  • Demographic data
  • Debut profiles
  • Solution data

NIFT takes this data and analyses it to offer advice for different situations, including:

  • What component will break, and when
  • Recommendations on feeder solutions deployment
  • HV feeder interventions
  • Substation investment profiles

Supply area constraint heatmap

Substation constraints

Constraint pathways

Mark Sprawson