Smart EV was delivered by EA Technology on behalf of SSEN through its Network Innovation Allowance funding. Smart EV followed on from the findings of the pioneering project My Electric Avenue.

My Electric Avenue found that a third of low voltage networks will need reinforcement at 40 – 70% Electric Vehicle (EV) penetration and forecasts indicate this will be around 2030 which is an unprecedented scale of reinforcement. As part of My Electric Avenue, a new software developed by EA Technology which controls and monitors EV charging was trialled and deemed a successful method of avoiding costly and disruptive network reinforcement.

The Smart EV project, specifically the Consultation on the Interim Solution for Domestic Managed EV Charging sought stakeholder views on both the interim solution, and a possible longer-term solution for Domestic Managed EV Charging. Consultations were led by EA Technology to engage with a wide range of stakeholders such as charging point manufacturers, installers, energy suppliers, network operators, EV manufacturers and policy makers to present the engineering options and seek opinions as to the most viable for all concerned.

Smart EV sought views on what the managed charging technology options could look like to facilitate EV uptake on our local electricity networks, particularly in zones where the network had faulted or where network analysis showed that there was a high risk of fault due to the volume of EVs charging in a local area. Reassuringly, studies completed as part of the Smart EV Project have shown that managed charging is not likely to have an impact on an EV driver’s ability to drive to where they need to go the next day. As a secondary objective, the Consultation also sought views on a longer-term option using smart meters to control EV charging rates.

EA Technology was responsible for summarising the findings of Smart EV, advising SSEN on an interim solution for managed EV charging and providing indication as to whether a longer-term solution should be pursued for the management of EVs through the utilisation of smart meter infrastructure. This led to the standardisation of SSEN’s policy on smart charging for the future and the findings of Smart EV can be adopted by all UK Distribution Network Operators.